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wegirls gave fans an option to vote for a fandom name on september 17th
the vote was held on instagram for 24 hours
the two options were 윙스 (Wings) and 위글스 (Wiggles)
Wings won with 60% of the votes!

wegirls were announced in october 2017. they opened a makestar where fans could donate money for their debut and pick what concept they wanted and pick a leader / center! it closed on january 24th, 2018 with 107.4% of the goal reached.

some of the members have left wegirls, and new ones have been added. they debuted august 31st with their new lineup. they debuted with the company aftermoon entertainment.

Debut: On Air
(Single Album)
August 31st, 2018

1. We Go
2. On Air
3. Selfiegram

On Air (Wings Ver.)
October 8th, 2018

Comeback: Ride (Mini Album)
September 6th, 2019

1. We Like
2. Ride
3. Heart Beat
4. Ride (Campfire Ver.)
5. Time To Go


name: JeongA (정아)
birthday: February 20, 1994
position: Sub Vocal & Dance
instagram @jeon9_a
full profile

name: Ellie (엘리)
birthday: October 15, 1995
position: Rapper
speaks english
instagram @elliethatzme
full profile

name: E.You (이유)
birthday: May 17, 1992
position: Leader & Main Vocal
instagram (@e.you___)
full profile

name: Yehana (예하나)
birthday: August 21, 1994
position: Main Vocal
has a few solo songs
instagram @yehanalodge
full profile

stage name: Nina (니나)
birthday: February 26, 1997
position: Dance
instagram @nina_a_aa
full profile

name: HaL (하엘)
birthday: February 5, 1997
position: Sub Vocal
instagram @spring.hael
instagram @elf.hal
full profile

name: Hyeni (혜니)
birthday: April 21, 1993
position: Entertainer
instagram @hyeniii_421
full profile

name: EunA (은아)
position: Dance
birthday: September 29, 1995
instagram @we__eun_a
twitter @wegirls_euna
full profile